Better Than Ever


The primary accessories used when practicing Pilates haven’t changed much since their inceptions nearly 100 years ago. The Reformer, Cadillac, Wunder Chair, Ladder Barrel, Resistance Ring, and even the mat are all minimal in design, yet highly functional and provide multiple purposes. And like the saying goes, “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” so we thought it would be much better to ENHANCE them.

We live in a time of apps, endless technology, and instant information. What’s most exciting to Steele Pilates about this all is the ways these new technologies can be applied to help people everywhere have a better understanding and grasp of their own lifestyles, behaviors, and health. How? With instant feedback, consistant tracking, and support.

The first in-development product we are focusing on is also the most the widely accessible; the mat! The Steele Pilates mat seamlessly bridges Pilates and technology with its built-in sensor grid that captures a participants movements, providing feedback on form and indurance as well as being able to offer modifictions or advanced moves to vary the workout. In addition, a truly unique feature, the Steele Pilates mat provides touch sensitive response DURING the workout to help perfect form and prevent misalignment and/or injury. Data captured will wirelessly transfer to the users mobile app and online profile, making tracking previous workouts and analysing progress convenient and simple.